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Maailmanmatkaaja lepäilee

6. Lokakuuta 2011 klo 11:47   Gabriel   Kirjoita kommentti

Lue lehtijuttu OssiBussista Itä-Hämeessä 5.10.2011!


Juttu on kahtena kuvana, klikkaa ekana vasempaa niin kuva aukeaa.

Ja tästä linkki Etelä-Suomen sanomien sivuille, jossa sama juttu tekstiversiona

Tässä hiukan kuvatunnelmia ja sävyjä Joutsan Yhtenäiskoulun 5-luokkalaisten kanssa toteuttamastamme Kirgiisimatkasta VaellaLaella kuvaliiketyöpajassa tänään Haihatuksessa…






ja työpajat jatkuvat tällä viikolla… kiva vaellella Kirgiisiassa täältä Keski-Suomesta käsin!


30. Huhtikuuta 2011 klo 15:10   Freia   Kirjoita kommentti


Tervetuloa kesän 2011 aikana tapaamaan BerttaJurtta ja tietenkin itse OssiBussi Taidelaitos Haihatuksen “Paikalla” -kesänäyttelyyn. Avajaiset on 11.kesäkuuta ja lisääkin infoa löytyy www.haihatus.net

Suhteellisen jännittävää oli kaivaa jurtta esiin Bussin takakontista (huovat) ja katolta (puut). Olihan se siellä rytkytellyt viimeiset kahdeksan kuukautta. Etenkin huovat jänskätti, että mitä kirgiisi-hiiriperhe (jonka jäseniä siis KYLLÄ tuli SUomeen asti) olisi siitä jättänyt jälkeensä. Vaan oikein kilttejä olivat olleet ja ihan kokonainen jurtta (pienin paikkauksin ja rapsutteluin) saatiin eilen nousemaan Haihatuksen puutarhaan.

Ens viikolla jurttaan ja sen sekä kirgiisikuvien kautta Kirgisiaan pääsee tutustumaan neljä ryhmää joutsalais-koululaisia. Bertta ja Ossi ja me mukanaan olemme enemmän kuin Iloisia voidessamme jakaa tätä kautta soluissa vielä sykkivää suurensuurta matkaa. Paluu Suomeen ei ole ollut liian shokeeraava sillä asumme yhä Bussissa…


27. Huhtikuuta 2011 klo 22:07   Gabriel   Kirjoita kommentti

Ossi The Bus has reached Finland!!! LAst 1 700 kilometers with half-motor, self-made-breaks and without start motor… OssiBussi became real moving installation, asking so many people to take part: to push or pull, by the roads, in the parkings, in harbour… very exciting until the very end…

And here we are in art house HAIHATUS preparing the summer exhibition where the bus and Bertta the Yurt are included.. www.haihatus.net - you are Welcome to the opening on sunday 11th June

Deeply Happy and Thankfull of the great journey.. no words to express…

OssiBussi, Magic Bus, Taikabussi

14. Huhtikuuta 2011 klo 15:01   Freia   Kirjoita kommentti

OssiBussi’s traveling circle is about to close..We are already in Latvia! Two years and eight months of Amazing travelling in 25- or something like that - different countries, such different sceneries, landscapes, cultures…. And now Tallinn is just 300 kilonmeters north….AMAZING…

But as OssiBussi loves offering us Adventures, so does it for the very end (maybe to guarantee an exiting end for our road movie…?) The piece of motor which was fixed in Kyrgyzstan by an old spare part, fell in parts in Poland - just after crossing Tatra mountains, and well that was the only possible timing for this cause one day earlier we would have been in too big mountains for the Bus to cross with broken motor.  DUe to this accident also the breaks stopped working and Gabriel the McGyver used his skills again to attach the air compressor straight to the break system… yes it works, yes it is possible…

But since this every meter on road has been Miracle… nothing is for granted…  OssiBussi shall go as far as possible and wish it could be Finland… And now… we have come more than thousand kilometers with our half-motor and fake-breaks and always pushing the Bus to start… Minute by minute , day by day… we move to north… coming with swans… And enjoying, respecting every meter this vehicle moves!!! We thank of all your support in all possible ways, thank you for co-living also this time of challenge with us!!!

Children of the Elfi, Italy

14. Huhtikuuta 2011 klo 14:24   Freia   Kirjoita kommentti

It was a sunny day to climb up up up ith small Fiat to reach a spot from where to walk ten minutes more to reach Aldajo village for a little meeting with seven to nine years olds for some nature games …



…and then it was time to make a small garden each for some sunflowers! All hands were digging enthusiastic into soil… and after we saw these children running to get some water for seeds !


In the end we wrote some letters to Finland…


This guy’s name happened to be Moj  (hello in Finish:)


Elfi community was a pleasure to visit. Such great Power in people who silently live the alternative  True. Everything is simple, natural… far from busy traffic, electricities, shops whatever… Good energy!



Yes it was a shock to arrive to Venice, in a foggy snowy wet weather… Even more shock was to end up communicating (too much) with Venice police as we had parked the Bus not proper  way (which cost us 250 euros). This lead us to leave Venice very fast, escape to mountains to root ourselves to the change… European system…

well, there wouldn’t be better place than a local warm-hearted home to arrive: Sara, Marco and kids Rio and Tea, living in their house of four generations: grandma on the first floor, Sara and Marco second and Sara’s parents up.


And: OssiBussi in the yard! Stayed two and half weeks and are deeeeply thankfull of the time there!!! special indeed…. to feel the change of the season, from winter to spring… and meet all those powerful souls of mountains… share so much…


…day by day…Beautiful! So, in the end Europe showed the nice faces too and it didn’t feel too bad to be here after all!


We miss you, beautiful souls!


As Italian cherry trees started to bloom  (wow-ow-ow!) we checked the compass, to take the destination: NORTH.. There will be new and new and new springs for us to see as we head to our northern home… Full of excitement, joy, to travel through blossoming Europe…Finland… melt your snows, we are soon there !!!!!!!!!



In between the continents

7. Maaliskuuta 2011 klo 19:29   Freia   Kirjoita kommentti

This was written on the Syria-Italy ferry 01.03.2011:

Floating the fourth day on the Mediterrean Sea, one more night to go before arriving the port of Venice, Italy, it is exactly the right moment to look back our last month in Asia and the whole great adventure so far…

South coast of Turkey and Syria offered us exactly what we needed: fruits and retreat; every now and then real sunny days, empty beaches, forests… It was the time to reflect our long journey and to digest the choice of heading back to Europe…

OssiBussi’s two-and-half-years journey consists certainly very different episodes: there has been the times of big communities 2008-2009, times of great challenges (like Kazakstan desert), times of uncertainty (like the giant motor fixing and running out of money), times of taking the distance when we left the Bus in Kyrgyzstan for eight months while we were in India, Haiti and Finland. There has been times of rebirth - the new phase in OssiBussi’s journey as we came back to it and really wanted to continue with it back to Europe and Finland…. All through different times we have met thousands of people… in different ways, some inspired, some confused, some maybe terrified. We have waved our hands from the Bus window — I cant even guess how many zillion times… And now, in between of adventures: the one behind and the european one in front…

Looking back the arrival to Turkish coast in January was already like entering to the Sea that shall take us to the other side…to Europe… first we were horrified… feeling not ready to leave, not even knowing what it is exactly we are leaving. At least the cheap fruits and vegetables, the seasonal fresh things you couldnt get in wintery Europe. But yes, we still had more than month to enjoy, so we did! We ended up staying for example one week in an amazing mandarin valley, starting every morning by breakfast straight from the tree! Thats the way to live! And no, we didnt need to do this hiding, cause all the villagers kept on bringing us more and more mandarins… Abundance, really!


Also, we had marvellous camps by the sea and in the pine forest, all the time was needed to really root and get full ready to go on. As we thought our retreat had come to an end as we entered to Syria, no, it still continued for another week. We found really fascinating beautiful place near Ram-al-Baseet, behind an empty beach there was a rocky peninsula, full of different-shaped and sized caves.


We had a great fullmoon-fasting and silence day there. Yes, after all this we could feel charged and ready to move on. As we drove out from this last retreat camp, after three-hundred meters we were enthusiastically stopped by an English guy Nat who wanted join us for rest of our time in Syria. Also, some kilometers more, we met first two cyclist and then one more and had a camp together… hee, thats how universe works: as soon as you are ready to meet people, the people shall come!


Syria all in all was great experience, though we didnt learn to read the arabic letters of the road signs. However we met the most hospitable people and very soft policemen too. They only wanted to serve us. Only if you ever enter Syria with car we suggest you only stay the time you have paid diesel tax for… overstaying caused us to pay an extra week plus fine.

So, from port of Tartous we got into Italian Visemar ferry, lately re-opened line between Tartous-Alexandria (Egypt) - Venice… And here we are… sailing overseas 86 hours in hilarious companion. You know, sometimes this kind of occasions put together very diffrent kind of people and you are one family after all.

What shall wait for us in Italy… Venice… Apennines mountains… Some soulmates to be met… Full of excitement, full of curiousness… OssiBussi is back in Europe in few hours…


A new phase is about to begin!!!

Runo Ossille Tapsalta

18. Tammikuuta 2011 klo 15:29   Freia   Kirjoita kommentti

On vain yksi Ossi, ei toista moista

Surisee, pulisee, paukkuu, narisee, tuoksuu, haisee, nousee, laskee, kiihtyy, hiljenee,
pysähtyy, keikkuu, kallistelee, hyrähtelee, puhisee, murisee, ärjyy

Se on auto
Se on laiva laineilla
Se on lentokone tuulessa
Ihmekone kumien päällä

Se on koti, unelma kahden ihmisen,turvakolo kotoinen monen kulkevan ystävän,
unelmamatka isäpapan

Se tarjoaa katon suojaisan, ruuan elävän makoisan, keskustelut, opit syvät elämän
etsinnän, kosketuksen lämpöisen, unet makoisat, matkan turvallisen

Se kestää monet jarrut, puristukset penkinreunan, huudahdukset kummajaiset,
ympäristön piippaukset, katseet, naurut, hörähdykset, arvioinnit, ihmetykset

Se vain kulkee tehtävässään, sateenkaari,ihmeauto, ilon tuoja
Ossibussi onnekas
Unelma kahden ihmisen


Turkish winter (eli talviturkki!)

18. Tammikuuta 2011 klo 14:05   Freia   4 kommenttia

Shiny Happy New Year 2011 People!!!!
….May it bring you what you need and help you fullfill yort Heart’s True Desire….


It was very tempting idea to set up tepee in the mountain valley in Georgia BUT we knew winter was on the way there too so we said goodbyes right after New Year and headed south: Turkey. We knew there was going to be snow on the way for sure and -20 degrees in the highest spots (2200 m). And YES, there was! The worst road was on georgian side though.
Being called “highway no:1″ we didnt guess it would such narrow holey lane full of ice and snow..


not so much traffic but those who where there had to push their cars at times…hallelujah we did it.

All together we passed inTurkey in ten days eight mountain tops more than 2kms high. Mostly the roads were okay, and we already thought “wow this is easy”. Next morning we woke up and were surrounded by deep snow and needed to put on the snow chains for Ossis wheels to get out of that camp.



Once the road was blocked for few hours as there where half meter snow and some men cleaning it. And all the way the landscape was stunning with snow tops…


…And it was almost culture shock to find finally the Mediterrean sea…to get off the woollen clothes and sleep without three blankets and sleeping bag…And the sea is always giving the breeze of new adventures… Something new is waiting for us… Yes, Europe is on the other side of this Ocean and Yes, we shall get there over this ocean: there is a car ferry from Tartous, Syria to Venice Italy… Thats the Way, in February! Mamma mia!!